Monday, January 26, 2009

SEOP: Search Engine Optimization and More

SEO entails creation and maintenance of web content, meta tags and design in such a way that will increase the chances of higher website rankings during search queries on internet search engines. However, SEOP realizes that high rankings do not necessarily translate into revenue.

Although increased website traffic through SEO often results in increased revenue, clients must also understand that browsing through a company website should reflect the experience that a customer would expect from visiting a retailer in person or speaking to a customer representative. The venue should be attractive, clean and easy to navigate while the customer representative should be informative, courteous and patient. This is why SEOP does not stop at search engine optimization, but also optimizes clients’ websites for enhanced customer browsing and retention. SEOP makes sure that the links created to increase traffic to their clients’ websites are relevant to the nature of clients’ businesses.

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